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The meeting takes place in a very simple way.

On confirmation of the booking process, the customer is requested to provide Golfauto some data, such as the flight number and scheduled arrival time.

Golfauto rep will be waiting at the airport for his customer near the arrivals exit gate, with clients name and a Golfauto logo.

So it’s easy for the customers to find Golfauto.

Customers must have a valid driving license, passport and a valid credit card.
No. The presentation of a valid credit card is a mandatory requirement for the rental of any vehicle in our company.
No. At delivery of the car Golfauto´s rep will indicate the exact amount fuel there is in the car and will not ask for any fuel deposit.

This way the customer will only have to return the car with the same amount of fuel.

The vehicle is returned in a very simple and convenient way for the customer.

The receptionist and the client agree a date and time for the return of the vehicle and is also given a map with precise directions from the airport and easy understanding of the place of collection (including this map has the GPS coordinates )

.The receptionist will then be in place, about 30 minutes before, with no delays . And while unloading luggage, the receptionist takes care of the verification process of the car.

The rental includes CDW ( Collision Damage Waiver ) insurance, that covers third party and and Golfauto´s car is subject to an excess and the maximum liability.
The SCDW (Super Collision Damage Waiver ) is optional and is an extension of the regular insurance, that eliminates the responsibility of the customer, by paying a daily fee when the customer accepts this condition.

The SCDW ( super collision damage waiver ) does not cover negligence, windshields, wheels, lost or broken keys.

The SCUT Motorways are with an automatic payment where there are no tickets, employees or machines where you pay. You just drive throw and automatic license plate recognition system does the rest .

During the delivery , the customer is informed about the functioning of this system by the receptionist , explained that all our cars have a device recognized by the system , and to use the Golfauto always debits the amount of 20euros on credit card, for it to be credited 15Euros on the device of the car, the remaining 5Euros are for an administrative fee.

It is then up to the client to decide whether to use the SCUTS or not , and if you do not use them , Golfauto will refund the 20€ till 20 days after the return of the car. If the customer exceeds the initial credit 20euros , the difference is debited to the customer. This device was designed to be used only on highways designated as SCUT and does not allow the clients to travel throw regular tools with out paying.

In case of accident the most important thing is to stay calm, contact Golfauto through the telephone numbers provided by the receptionist for this purpose and the authorities will complete the accident report.

In case of car malfunction please contact Golfauto through the telephone numbers provided by the receptionist identifying the problem and Golfauto will change the car as soon as possible.

No. Golfauto fleet is not authorized to leave Portugal, However we can arrange special authorization for this purpose at clients request, this will have an extra cost.