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Golfauto provides you with its quality and reliably service in all Lisbon city and surroundings.

Car deliveries and returns can be made at your villa, hotel or any other location.


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Head Office Contacts

Av. Duarte Pacheco, 103
Apartado 3075
8135-104 Almancil

Algarve - Portugal

+351 289 395 316
+351 289 399 105

Main +351 917 820 179
Faro +351 918 703 354
Lisbon +351 913 111 287

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Who are we?


Golfauto Rent-a-Car company operates in the Algarve since 1982 and in Lisbon for more than 10 years.

We operate a fleet of two hundred cars and expecting to maintain this number as we feel it is ideal to keep with the reliability and quality expected.

We are a family runned company, most of our staff have been with us for more than ten years and some are in the company since the begining.

Our Mission

  • To earn our customer's long-term loyalty by providing exceptional personalized service.

  • To promote and add value to your visit to our country being highly representative of our local spirit.

  • To be highly effective and efficient providing exceptional service.

  • To create long-term and close relation with our customers.

  • To be highly competitive in prices adding extra value